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All across the UK and Ireland, the phrase. 'A Robin appears when loved ones are near'  brings comfort to people who miss loved ones who are either far away, or have passed on.


Seeing a robin is also said to be good luck, while many people think that these cheeky little red-breasted birds seek close contact with people who are already lucky; they just don’t yet know it.


It has been said that making a wish on that robin can increase your fortune, as folklore believes that if you make a wish whenever you see a Robin, one day that wish may well come true


Memory Robin - Keyring

PriceFrom £14.99

    Memory Robin

    Special Edition Keyring and Lucky Touchstone

    One of Britain's most beautiful birds

    Considered a good luck charm in many cultures

    Exquisitely detailed

    Carefully layered in beautiful, 24-Carat Gold


    Following on from the success of our beautiful 'Special Edition' Collectable Medallion bearing the same image, this brand new keyring, allows you to carry your memory touchstone wherever you go, whether pinned on a bag or connected to your house keys, it will now always be at your side.

    The disc itself is layered with 24-Carat Gold

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