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Roman Coins

Historically Speaking, the Roman Empire has to be one of the most fascinating periods in world history, not just because of their characters and achievements, but because they left so many enthralling artefacts behind for us to examine.

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All our Roman coins are 100% genuine and each one comes with an extraordinary, 

Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity!

In the world of commemorative coins and medals, there is a very special place for the greatest battles in British history and this unmissable collection focuses on the most famous of them all. 


Ranging from Boudica's epic struggles against the Romans to Wellington's glorious victory over Napoleon Bonaparte, these beautifully designed tributes are a must-have for serious coin and medal collectors everywhere.

Only available from The Heritage Mint!

Expertly layered in 24-Carat Gold

The Battle of Hastings
Robin Redbreast

From the multicoloured flash of a Kingfisher’s wings to the bright red chest of the nation’s favourite, the Robin Redbreast, who can be anything but amazed by the vast diversity and incredible beauty to be found in the fields, forests and gardens, all across the UK.

Now you can wonder at all this beauty from the comfort of your favourite armchair by collecting one of the most beautiful series of celebratory medallions available.

Only available from The Heritage Mint!

So Many to Choose From

These Beautiful tributes pay homage to all those who served and continue to serve in our name.

Ideal for gifts or just as a keepsake to remember the sterling work carried out on our behalf by our wonderful armed forces. 

Only available from The Heritage Mint!

Make Every Day Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

About The Heritage Mint


The Heritage Mint is a provider of beautiful commemorative coins and medals, celebrating the wonderful history, culture and ecology of Great Britain and across the world.

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