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This adorable Christmas Robin can be yours today for just £9.99 (plus p&p)


Why are we doing this?


Because we hope that when you visit our site you may also have a look around to see what else we have to offer, including the beautiful sets, Great British Birds and Great British Battles.


Hopefully you will, but there is absolutely no obligation and you are free to just claim your coin without any strings attached.

Adorable Winter Robin

PriceFrom £9.99
  • In folklore across the world, Robins are believed to bring good luck and the phrase, 'A robin appears, when loved ones are near' brings comfort to many people across the globe whenever they see one. 

    Obviously, it isn't silver or gold, nor would you expect it to be at this fantastic price, but it has been layered in a protective layer of nickel, giving it a fantastic shine to brighten up the gloomiest of winter days.



    These lovely little coins are very popular around Christmas, and last year, we sold out fast. They make lovely gifts, so if you want any for your friends or family, we suggest you order now for immediate delivery. 


    Each medallion is 38.6mm in diameter and comes protected in a clear plastic capsule.

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