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Expertly designed and carefully plated in Pure Silver, this stunning tribute to our armed forces is available now from just £14.99.


At 38.6mm diameter and weighing in at an impressive 25g, these beautiful tributes have all been produced to the highest possible standard and can be purchased individually or in an elegant presentation box. Just make your selection at checkout.

Every Day is Remembrance Day - We Will Remember Them - (Dove)

PriceFrom £14.99
  • This stunning tribute combines the Dove of Peace carrying a wild Red Poppy, a symbolic representation of all the brave men and women who fight and die in the cause of freedom.

    On the obverse, a stylised logo depicts all the national flowers and plants of the United Kingdom representing the four corners of the union.


    At approximately 25.6 grams, these beautiful tributes make beautiful gifts, not only for those who have links to any of our wonderful armed forces, past or present but to all of us as a reminder of our debt.

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