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One of the bloodiest battles of them all, fought between two giants of history.


Defensive British squares, the deafening roar of cannon fire, the thunder of galloping horses bearing sabre wielding soldiers into terrifying bloody battle, just some of the imagery evoked when anyone mentions the Battle of Waterloo.


This famous battle, fought between the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte, went on to change the world and no collection featuring famous British battles would be complete without this wonderful tribute.


This stunning commemorative medal shows just some of those evocative images and is a superb addition to any collector of commemorative coins or medals.

The Battle of Waterloo

PriceFrom £14.99
    • Expertly designed and sculpted
    • Exquisitely detailed
    • Carefully layered in beautiful, 24-Carat Gold


    At 38.6mm diameter and weighing in at an impressive 25g, these beautiful historical tributes have all been produced to the highest possible standard and can be purchased individually or as part of a set.


    The detail is superb, and the whole collection provides a unique window into the past. A true celebration of British History.


    By purchasing one or more of these stunning products, you are fully covered by our 14 days unconditional guarantee. However, whatever you decide, we promise NEVER to send any coin, medal or set you haven’t already ordered or requested. 


    You have no further commitment.

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