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White-Faced Scops Owl


Ptilopsis leucotis


The Northern White-faced Owl is a small greyish-brown owl with long ear-tufts and a black-rimmed white face. The ear-tufts are long, often with blackish tips and the eyes vary from deep amber-yellow to orange.


The owls leave the roost at dusk, and fly to a prominent perch, where they often start singing. Calling may be heard at any time of the night, but most frequently at dusk or just before dawn.


The Northern White-faced Owl feeds on invertebrates such as moths, crickets, beetles, scorpions, and spiders, as well as small vertebrates such as reptiles, birds and mammals (especially rodents and shrews). 


Usually found across Africa south of the Sahara, the most preferred habitats are dry savannas with thorn trees and not too dense riverine forests and woods along watercourses. 


Credit - Owl Pages

White-Faced Scops Owl

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